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From Evan Ouellette, Santa Barbara Local Gateway Examiner
A giant slice with a topping of your choosing, a fresh salad (caesar or house), and a drink for $6.50, tax included. For the more aggressively stomached among us, just toss out that measly salad and sub another slice instead. Get extra ranch if you want, pile on the parmesan, Paesano’s is a pizzeria that very nearly lives up to the New York archetype. Just nearly because of the fact you can’t ever really recreate New York style pizza without all that comes with New York. You’re not in Little Italy on the Lower East Side, but just off the beaten path in Santa Barbara, enjoying a sunny yet shaded patio and some awesome pie.

But let’s be a little more concrete. Everything at Paesano’s is made from scratch. The slices are generous in size and they don’t hold back on the toppings. They are easily foldable. The sausage is classic Italian. The pepperoni is sufficiently spicy. Veggies of all sorts are fresh, crisp, and flavorful. The sauce, cheese, and crust come together to form the necessarily delicious playing surface. Pretty basic stuff here, but such is the beauty of New York style pizza.

Not feeling like a slice? No problem. Try the chicken parmesan or a classic Italian sub. They both bring the classic Italian. Have one of each. All entrees and subs are under five bucks. A full dinner with entrée, salad and garlic bread is $9.00. You may not be waited on hand and foot, but you’ll save six bucks by walking 30 feet, and still get some serious Italian goodness. Hell, they’ll even bring it out to you if you ask nicely.

Paesano’s delivers on all accounts. The staff is friendly and welcoming; you‘ll often hear more laughs coming from the kitchen than the dining room. The food is memorable, and the atmosphere is relaxing. Take some time to enjoy some impressive and hilarious napkin artwork while you wait, or just soak up some rays on the patio.

Come hungry, leave happy.coming soon
William posted on 05/21/2009
Rating & Review: ****

As far as local places that deliver, Paesano's is the best, hands down.
Their sandwiches are wonderful, the lasagna is superb and their salads are always fresh and tasty.
Their pizza is flavorful, but the crust is just a little bit too thin.
All in all, Paesano's is a great value, and will not disappoint.
From SANTA BARBARA RESTAURANT GUIDE: Best Pizza in SB area!, 10/19/2010
Reviewer: Brian H from Goleta, CA
I have tried nearly every pizza place in town. This is the only one that comes close to some awesome NY style pizza and in my opinion, best pizza in town! Perfect dough, delicious sauce, fresh toppings and huge slices! Highly recommend the lunch special--salad soda and huge slice for $6 or $7 (cant remember exactly). Staff is friendly and attentive. I just wish they sold beer too!

*****SOOOOOOOO GOOD!, 5/5/2010
Reviewer: Jay Browne from Santa Barbara, CA
You think the pizza is good, just wait until you try their sandwiches or salads. Their eggplant parm sandwich is amazing and their salads have real fresh greens with delicious italian dressing. Now I have to get a slice, sandwich and salad to satisfy my cravings. Their pizza is amazing too, crispy, always consistent and the sauce is sooo good! Everyone is super nice too, sure they could take credit cards and maybe have a cooler with sodas, but if that means they have to cut corners somewhere else it's not worth it. Keep up the good work! The only SB pizza that is consistent, friendly, quality, and reasonable.

*****If you're from back east, pizza you'll appreciate, 2/9/2010
Reviewer: Adam from Santa Barbara, CA
Look, I've tried Gino's, Giovanni's, Rusty's, Sal's, Taffy's, CPK, Costco, and Paesano's. I'm not an expert on pizza but I was born and raised in NJ (where there's a pizzeria and bagel shop every two blocks) and the only place from the list above that makes pizza like I get back home is Paesano's. That doesn't mean the others suck. In fact, Gino's I thought was quite good. But the only place that makes good (in fact excellent) NY/NJ pizza is Paesano's. Of course the price at all these places is higher and the pies are smaller than back home, but you take what you can get. Also, the people that work at Paesano's are nice (probably helped by the fact that we take out every Friday night). Last thing: It's ridiculous this place hasn't been selected for best pizza on the survey. Rusty's and Giovanni's ahead of Paesano's? Really?
Better than Rusty's
Reviewer: Rob from Santa Barbara, CA
Best Pizza in town, hands down. Second best is Giovanni's, then Rusty's. I'm tired of people claiming Rusty's is the best in town when they haven't tried Paesano's. My favorite is Pepperoni/Jalapeño combo, but that is personal preference. Rob

*****Just like the North End!
Reviewer: Elena from Santa Barbara, CA
I went there for lunch today for the first time and the pizza was exactly what I would find in the North End of Boston. I'm a New Englander and finding a decent slice of pizza in this town is rough but I found it here. I got a generous slice of cheese pizza, a small soda and a very generous caesar salad for less than $7. The dressing seemed homemade to me and was delicious. I can't wait to go back!

mobile review
by Ralph (4 reviews)
November 16, 2010 - Likes it
Try the meatball good
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good pizza
by Marla (29 reviews)
March 22, 2009 - Likes it
Closer to NY style.
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mobile review
by Ashley Taylor, Santa Maria (2 reviews)
May 12, 2010 - Likes it
We ordered a large pizza- ma's fave! Amazing! Two cheesey French bread, two cheese cakes and two sodas. Everything was soooo good! And it was so cheap! I'm hooked!
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From YELP:

William M.
Santa Barbara, CA
8/14/2010 I work evenings down by the SB Harbor and I like to have dinner delivered to me at work about once a week. I almost always go with Paesano's. From their lasagna to their salads, from pizza to sandwiches, Paesano's knows what they are doing. Their prices are competitive, and they are consistent. The delivery time is usually about 40minutes or so, which is fine with me. My usual order is for their roast-beef sub, with double meat and a tuna sub with double cheese... When you get "double meat" , they really mean it. No skimping. Good food. Great prices & great people.


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